Linda’s Surrogacy Story


Linda’s Couple had 15 IVF attempts before meeting her without achieving success. One would think that they were near their limit of receiving bad news. But even as we gave them negative results time after time, they never lost faith. This process is difficult enough when it takes two tries to achieve success, so we were amazed by not only the Couple’s endurance, but especially Linda’s through 4 failed attempts. She never gave up, but she was surprised, maybe even a little skeptical, when we finally gave her the positive news on the 5th try. It wasn’t until the ultrasound showing two embryos growing that the reality finally set in.

Things were going along great until between her 3rd and 4th month of pregnancy. The perinatologist was concerned Linda’s cervix was too short which could lead to a premature delivery. So, Linda went on bedrest for the duration of the pregnancy. Each week we went in for ultrasounds and her cervix basically stayed the same. The pregnancy remained stable due to her diligence and on February 10, 2010, nearly 8 months of pregnancy, she delivered two healthy boys, Fredrik & Marcus, for her Couple who have waited what feels like a lifetime to become parents. Linda’s commitment to her Couple was extraordinary and I know they will be forever grateful for her standing by them. She was their light in their struggles to become parents and they followed her to a successful end. Their faith certainly was rewarded!