4 Babies in 5 Days

Well, Michele did deliver a gorgeous baby boy, Hugo, on Feb. 5th as I mentioned in my last blog.  His parents call him their “Prince”.  He definitely is being treated like royalty, so it is fitting.

I was wondering who would be next, Tracy or Cassandra.  Well that very night, Tracy called and said she thought she was in labor.  I know I said, “No you’re not!” as I thought for sure she was pulling my leg.  We had just spoken hours earlier and there were no signs of labor or indication that it was on the horizon.  Then I realized she was serious.  So I called the parents about 9:00pm and they were having dinner.  The mom-to-be said her husband told everyone that they would need to have an early dinner because he had a feeling his son would be born that night.  My first thought was 9:00pm was an early dinner?  And then I remembered my dinners in Europe and knew that it was early for them.  I’m sure this new Dad will tell the story of how he knew his son would be born to everyone who will listen.  It took a little longer than we expected, but finally Daniel arrived in the morning of February 6.

Then Breann and I were waiting for Cassandra to say it was time.  So I was pretty surprised when Linda called to say she was in labor on February 10.  With twins, we know there is always the risk for preterm labor or delivery.  But Linda also was just cruising along showing no signs of labor and Boom! All of a sudden, it’s time!  She made it to 33 weeks and the boys, Fredrik & Marcus, were 5 lbs each, so it is all good!  Whew!  What a week…wait, it was only 5 days that had passed since Michele had delivered.  Wow!

So we are waiting for Cassandra and Megan now to complete our busy month.  It has been so wonderful to share in these beautiful moments with our Surrogate Moms and the new Parents.  What a privilege it is to be a part of their incredible journeys.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks.