Geri’s Surrogacy Story

A Puppy Instead

I first met Teigan at the infertility doctor’s office. As I sat discussing the surrogacy process with her mom & Geri I thought I would get Teigan’s input. I asked her if she was hoping for a baby brother or sister. She answered after careful thought, “Well, a sister I guess, but I’d rather have a puppy instead.” The room roared with laughter, but Teigan couldn’t understand it as she was completely serious!

It took a while for the pregnancy to finally occur, so I’m sure Teigan was beginning to think that the prospects of getting a puppy were getting better and better. I’m not sure when reality set in for her, but I imagine the first night at home with Liam & Carrick was a reality check for everyone especially their parents!!

Geri did such a remarkable job in bringing two big healthy babies into the arms of their awaiting family. October 26, 2006 marks the day that Liam and Carrick were born weighing 5lb 12oz and 6lb 3oz, respectively. It also marks the day that the puppy idea went out the window!

After Liam & Carrick were born and Geri was resting in her room I decided to go check on Mommy in the nursery. Mommy is a neonatal physician so it didn’t surprise me to see her reviewing the charts, making sure everything is in order. She didn’t see me at first, so I waited by the window until the moment she would look up. I didn’t want to knock because it felt like I was watching the most beautiful movie ever made. I watched her examine her baby girl with the same gentleness I have seen her handle other babies in the past while doing her job. But then she stopped and just stared at her baby girl. Then she bent over, kissed her forehead and then whispered something in her ear. I imagine that it was then that she said to her, “Hello Baby Girl, I’m your Mommy.”