Larissa’s Surrogacy Story

An Adoption

Many are astounded to discover how an international, Spanish speaking only Couple can bond with a Surrogate Mom and her family who have no Spanish vocabulary. Just the distance alone should adversely impact the relationship, but when you add in the language barrier this relationship should be doomed.

Larissa offered to help this Couple achieve parenthood. This is so profound that it reaches past and through any obstacles that try and stand in the way of the bond that will surely form. But in this case, something even greater occurred. Larissa’s mom, sister, brother-in-law, husband (the list is endless) welcomed Bet’s parents into their home and their hearts. In a short time, it was clear that this Couple had become part of the Carpenter Clan and will forever be considered their adopted family. July 26, 2006 signifies the day that Larissa made this family complete and made her own family bigger by 3! Bet arrived weighing 6lb 15oz.

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