Shirley’s Surrogacy Story

Stork Sees Chiropractor After Record Delivery

Shirley and her family knew instantly that they had a truly wonderful couple and she did achieve a singleton pregnancy, but “easy” would not be the word to describe the experience. Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, right Shirley???!!!

It all began with an initial positive pregnancy test result of “8”. We knew the chances of a successful outcome were very slim, but Dr. Garzo refused to give up on the pregnancy and wouldn’t let us either.

He ordered Shirley to continue her injections and to go to bedrest. Shirley diligently followed doctor’s orders and every week returned to the clinic for blood tests and ultrasounds, waiting for Dr. Garzo to say that we were finally out of the woods. When that day finally did come, Shirley couldn’t believe she was only 4 months along. Most certainly, the first 4 months of her triplet pregnancy were much easier!!

By this time, Shirley began to wonder if she were carrying twins as her tummy was growing by leaps and bounds. She asked her obstetrician to double check, so an ultrasound was ordered. The ultrasound technician confirmed that there was one baby, but noted the baby’s “long” legs that seemed to go on forever. At every appointment, Shirley had the same complaint for her OB, “This has got to be the biggest baby I have ever had. Are you sure I’m going to make it to my delivery date?” The doctor just smiled and patted her on the back saying “just hang in there”, not realizing that Shirley was right!!

Like many women make their hair appointments, Shirley scheduled her C-Section. Ken, Shirley’s husband, wearing a smock-like outfit and hairnet, could have been mistaken for a hairdresser I suppose, but the face mask gave him a more doctor-like appearance. However, when we developed the pictures he took of Grace’s first few moments of life, it was obvious his true calling was photography.

When Grace was taken to the nursery, many physicians and nurses were waiting to see her which caused her parents to worry. But we quickly discovered that everyone was there to see the SECOND BIGGEST BABY ever born at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital!

2008 – Grace is now the big sister to Olivia & Adam. Such a beautiful family!!