Kim’s Surrogacy Story


Kim helped to create a beautiful family when she gave birth to Ethan in June 1994. Ethan’s family was complete when Kim had his baby sister, Nadine, in June 1996. Her surrogacy experience was so wonderful, she soon decided she wanted to help another infertile couple have the child they had been dreaming of. She and her family immediately bonded with their special new couple from Spain.

Her couple’s return trip to California was exactly 9 months from their first trip when they arrived to undergo the IVF treatment to create their embryos in San Diego with Dr. Gabriel Garzo. During their stay, we quickly discovered they loved to eat our “American” pizza! So, as we sat down to our pizza dinner (for the third time that week!), Kim called to let us know she was in labor.

Knowing Kim’s labors quite well, I assured the anxious parents-to-be that we had plenty of time to eat dinner and drive to San Diego. Typically, Kim would be in labor all night and half the next day. So, I encouraged them to pack lounging clothes and bring extra pillows as it would be a long night of waiting. Upon arriving to the hospital, we strolled up to the 4th Floor and waited calmly for a nurse to become available to show us to Kim’s room.

Once the nurse heard Kim’s name, she excitedly told us to go to labor & delivery as Kim was taken there already. I, still calm, told the nurse that she must be mistaken. I was looking for Kim W…the woman that will be in labor until at least the wee hours of the morning. Suddenly the nurse reached across the counter, grabbed my hand and said, “Look Honey, if you all have any desire to see this baby’s birth, you’ll get yourselves to labor & delivery NOW!!!”

I turned around, suddenly unable to speak Spanish, as English was difficult enough at the moment, and yelled, “GO! BABY! NOW! RUN!!” My babbling was well understood and we all raced to Kim’s room. Apparently, Kim was ready to deliver almost an hour before our arrival! The doctor couldn’t believe she wouldn’t let him deliver as she kept saying, “She can’t come yet, her parents aren’t here.” Then when they saw us rush in, he asked, “Can I deliver this baby now?” Kim responded, “Okay, you can deliver her now, the baby’s parents have arrived.” Then just minutes later, Clara arrived!!!