March 2023 Bio of the Month


Introducing GC Jeanette! Though you’re likely familiar with this beautiful face from our socials, we thought it was time for a real introduction. Jeanette is no stranger to the surrogacy world, as she has successfully helped another family in the past.

Married almost two decades, Jeanette and her husband Derek are a dream team. You can find them and their three boys, Jacob, Lucas, and Nathan have a blast going to baseball and hockey games or playing a fun round of mini golf.

As attested by her career and educational background (Bachelors in Child and Adolescent Studies), Jeanette has a real affinity for children. She is beyond thrilled to be able to help another family have a child to love. She says “My heart aches for those that cannot have a child of their own. If I can be a part of that I would be so honored.”

As cliche as it sounds, Jeanette lights up every room she enters. She believes in leaving things/people better than she found them. We can confirm that she absolutely accomplishes this!! Jeanette, we couldn’t be more thankful to know you!