Tiffany’s Surrogacy Story

It’s official, GC Tiffany is now retired! We are so proud to have been a part of two beautiful surrogacy stories with her. While her stories differ from one another, the one constant that she is the most grateful for is the support of her wonderful husband. She says that she never once felt alone in either of journeys because he was always there for her! We love that!!

Baby boy arrived to his loving family on October 29, 2022 at approximately 4pm PST. He was eight pounds four ounces and twenty inches long. His mom was there to witness his birth and his dad came in once he had arrived. Both parents, along with Tiffany’s husband, were with her during her long labor. She really enjoyed that they were all able to keep each other company.

This journey was admittedly bittersweet for Tiffany. We cannot wait to see what more she accomplishes in the coming years, because we know she’s not nearly done making her mark!! Thank you, Tiffany, for allowing us to join you on your journeys, we love you!

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