Kristal’s Surrogacy Story

This birth story is twice as nice! On June 3, 2022 GC, Kristal, delivered TWO beautiful baby boys for her ecstatic Intended Parents. Kristal’s delivery was a planned cesarean. She arrived at the hospital ready to go at around 8:00am and before 11:00am, Mom was able to join her and the boys in recovery. Thankfully, despite current restrictions the amazing nurses on staff made an exception that allowed Dad to join them as well.

Up until the moment Mom and Dad held their precious boys they were still cautiously excited. Seeing that realization of a long awaited dream and knowing that she had had a part in it was by far the most spectacular moment of Kristal’s journey. She said experiencing that special moment with the boys and their parents was the moment that reaffirmed her decision to become a surrogate.

Every surrogacy story has beauty, but the journeys where we literally see two families merge are our favorite!