Dr. Rad News & Views : The Power of Manifestation

The world is full of opportunities and change; the power to manifest that opportunity or change is within us. The combination of the human spirit along with our actions, decisions, and free will in each matter creates our POWER. We are in control of what we do as well as our decisions regarding which path to take that leads to the manifestation of our future. We alone are in control of our own thoughts, desires, feelings, behaviors, and needs. I always say, if you are able to truly imagine it, feel it and visualize it…you are able to manifest it.
Do you feel a but coming? I want to get pregnant, but it hasn’t happened yet. I hope to meet the perfect mate, but don’t know where to find him/her. I want to change jobs, but I’m not sure if it is the right time or if I will find something better. But, but, but……
Hear me out. First and foremost, we must work to be present, in each and every moment, while envisioning the future and truly sitting or being in what it will feel like when our future goal becomes a reality…that sounds tricky, right? It is a balancing act of planning for the future while simultaneously experiencing the moment, and reminding ourselves to stay grounded in our body, mind, and spirit. Truly experiencing each moment is the act of being present and this is vital to manifesting our goals and memories that contain our life’s tapestry.
The important thing to realize is that once you have identified your goal, getting there may require some thinking outside of the box. When you decided to have children, you may or may not have known you would need the help of a Surrogate Mother. Making that determination may have taken months or even years. And then you had to choose the right clinic, the right agency, and so on. This time has taken a toll so it is incredibly important to not let the negative thoughts be your focus. If you dwell on the potential bad outcomes then that energy is what you are putting forth and it can be damaging not only to your mental and physical wellbeing but can also attract more negative energy your way. To combat this we must practice shutting out the negative, the depressing, and the anxiety-inducing thoughts in order to not manifest the wrong things by mistake. Practice envisioning yourself in the future you wish to create, instead. Do not merely wish for good things, practice imagining your life where those outcomes have already been successful. While you are experiencing the moment you are in remember to think with the mentality that success is yours. Even if the path to getting there isn’t what you had originally imagined, know that taking another path to this outcome is not the result of failure, rather succeeding at being open and manifesting your desires at any cost.
When you are ready to focus, I want you to do this. Sit with your feet touching the ground, deep breathing techniques, inhale slowly on the count of 4 & exhale even slower on the count of 7. Focus during this breathing on what you see around you, feel the breath in your body, hear what is around you, smell the scent of the place you are sitting; the newly cut grass etc…focus on the movement of your chest/abdomen as you breathe. Grounding ourselves using our 5 senses or self-talk & reminding ourselves that this is the only moment that truly exists is a powerful force toward peace, serenity and joy!
Sending you lots of loving kindness & positive vibes to stay present in this moment today!
Yours truly,
Dr. Rad