Yolanda’s Surrogacy Story

Love at first sight…that’s how GC Yolanda describes her first in person meeting with her Intended Parents. Because her IP’s are located in London, they built their relationship through online communication. They are a true testament to the value of virtual connection.

This wasn’t Yolanda’s first pregnancy, nor her first surrogacy journey, but she says that it felt like she was going through it all for the first time. It wasn’t an easy pregnancy and delivery didn’t fit the narrative. She had a Friday afternoon NST that her couple joined her for and they were planning to head to a dinner out with her family. Baby boy had a plan of his own though! The next twenty-four hours found Yolanda induced and her IP’s anxiously awaiting his arrival. On 4:54pm on April 30, 2022, 7lbs 2oz and 19 inches of perfection arrived into daddies’ waiting arms. Yolanda says that seeing her IP’s hold their baby was the highlight of her journey and worth every second of pregnancy and labor. She says “if I could have five, ten more babies for them I would, but my body just doesn’t want to work with my heart on this one!”

This may have been Yolanda’s ‘retirement journey,’ but she’s a part of our family forever!