Mishell’s Surrogacy Story

They say time flies when you’re having fun and that definitely seems to be the case in Mishell’s surrogacy journey! It feels like we were just celebrating her successful transfer and now we’re sharing her birth story. Clocking in at just under four hours, her labor was just as speedy! 


Mishell awoke at around 2:30am on January 12, 2022 feeling that her waters were leaking. According to her she was in denial that her wombmate planned an early arrival, but this early morning the signs of baby’s arrival were unmistakable. At around 4:30am she was admitted and her Intended Parents (who were not due to arrive just yet) hopped on a plane to meet their baby. Mishell was determined to deliver without an epidural and just when she was ready to throw in the towel, baby girl made her debut at 6lbs 13oz and 19 inches of perfection!


While her IP’s were not in the room when baby arrived, Mishell still was able to have her moment with them. Seeing them walk down the hallway to her and witnessing them see their baby for the first time was by far the most powerful moment of her journey. The hospital was so wonderful and even allowed the new mom and dad to play the announcement lullaby for their girl! 

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