Pricilla’s Surrogacy Story

Lucky number three! We can honestly say that Priscilla’s third journey was just as smooth and magical as her first two. There is a unique relationship between a gestational carrier and each set of intended parents. We love watching the bonds form and this one was especially sweet! In fact, Priscilla and her family were able shower her couple and their baby girl ahead of her birth. No photos to post, but trust us, it was amazing! With the current regulations in Southern California we weren’t sure what to expect for the delivery room. Priscilla was so thankful to have not only her own mother but the baby’s mother in attendance when she delivered. Baby girl arrived on December 7, 2021 at 3:15pm and weighed in at a dainty 6lbs 13oz! Congratulations to Priscilla on another successful journey and to her IP’s on dropping the ‘I’ and becoming PARENTS!