August Bio of the Month


You’ve probably seen Jeri around our social media pages as this is her 4th surrogacy journey (first sibling journey) with BFI, but let us formally introduce you. As you can imagine, Jeri is empathetic and compassionate; a role model and a friend to all of Building Families’ surrogates. She is currently working on her nursing degree with a goal of working in…you guessed it! Labor and delivery! Her awesome husband, Terry, has held her hand through each of her journeys and is beyond supportive of all of her dreams. When she isn’t studying, you can find her at the baseball field with one or both of her handsome sons. She feels blessed to have two boys that keep her busy and entertained. After so many years together, we don’t know what we’ll do when she hangs up her surrogacy hat. But for now, we’re so thankful to be here with her again!