Jessica’s Surrogacy Story

Gestational Carrier, Jessica’s, delivery was one for the books! 

On June 26, 2021, Jessica completed her couple’s family.  And she did it with the parents at her bedside!  This is something that has not happened in more than a year of births with Building Families. We were all hopeful this would happen, especially the parents, but with hospital limitations we have seen as recently as a month ago, we weren’t sure.  They were overjoyed to witness their little one enter the world! We say little, when in fact the baby girl weighed in at a whopping 9lb 9oz, making her BFI’s biggest naturally born surrobabe in all of our 30 years!! 

Sharing that moment with the couple is what most surrogates look forward to when they picture the end of their journey.  We are so thankful to see this tiny bit of normalcy return. Everyone, including Jessica’s four children, are so in love and proud of what together they helped make a reality.