Amanda’s Surrogacy Story

BFI had 4 deliveries in 5 weeks in 2019.  Amanda brought a beautiful baby girl into the world into her father’s awaiting arms.  She immediately knew she wanted to help build another family.  She loved her experience so much, especially seeing Shannon every month and then weekly towards the end.


Her next journey, unbeknownst to us all, would be very different.  She had all of the pieces, a couple who adored her, good pregnancy and as always, her cheerful nature.  But due to Covid, she went from holding Shannon’s hand at every appointment to having Shannon in her hand Facetiming.   Even still, Amanda never lost her smile or her excitement for her couple!


Early in the pregnancy, her couple shared their desire for the birth to occur during a certain range of dates and times due to their beliefs.  She and BFI did their best to advise them that there is little to no control of when their baby would be born.  As the fates would have it, their beautiful 7lb baby girl made her arrival within the magical day and hour! Culturally, this timing means that she is meant for greatness…but we knew that already.