Happy New Year!

2020….So much to say. I know it has become a moniker when things go badly. But I have a different perspective, as usual!
If I were to list all of the amazing things that happened in 2020, I would have to change my blog to a novel. Here are some moments that most of us are aware of as they were shared moments in 2020. We had 14 babies in 2020!! Nataly was first in January with a beautiful baby boy, Randi next with a sweet girl, Annette, a bouncing baby boy, Maritza followed suit with another handsome baby boy and Danielle finished the Springtime with a gorgeous girl. Monique began our summer with a precious girl and we had two babies in July…on the same day!!!! That’s right, Jamie & Melissa delivered baby boys on the same day! That was amazing and truly memorable. Then Fall 2020 arrived along with the sweet baby girl Aleza delivered in August and two more darling girls that Angie & Lauri-Anne delivered in September. October was Tiffany and Shelby’s month. Two cutie pies arrived, a boy and a girl, respectively. Derek finished our year in November with a beautiful addition to the BFI family, a treasured baby girl. Wow!!

What else? We celebrated high school and college graduations of our children and the children of many families we helped to build. We witnessed many teenagers earning their licenses to drive! People around the country brushed up on their sewing skills, making masks for people who need them most. So many rushed to adopt and foster pets in need amid the pandemic. My daughter will insist that TikTok should be added as the best of 2020, haha! We learned that homeschooling is hard and finally recognized teachers for the heroes that they are. Each year has its own value and we should feel fortunate to be alive to see it.

I have chosen the word to describe the summation of 2020. Ok, maybe a few words as you know I have trouble minimizing, lol! Perseverance, Pride, and Honor. I am in awe of everyone who persevered the obstacles thrown their way in 2020. I am proud of all of the women who came forward to help a couple build the family of their dreams in the midst of a pandemic and I am honored to be even a small part of their surrogacy journeys. These words apply to my staff as well. They were faced with hindrances since March and practically created a new program to ensure everyone was cared for in the best way possible. Each week brought new challenges, but they were not deterred. I am proud and honored to have Randi at my side and to work with Shannon, Lauryn, Ana, and Christine. I am truly blessed. And my hope for all of you is that you are able to see the beauty around you and to embrace each day as the gift that it is.

Happy New Year!!!