Annette’s Birth Story

Confident and easy going.  Those words best describe Annette.  She was certain she would become pregnant with the first attempt, and she was!  When we hit a snag in the pregnancy, Vasa Previa, like everyth

ing else she took it in stride.  She listened intently to the doctor as she explained how the remainder of her pregnancy would be.  And then she was thrown another curveball….COVID-19!!!

No surprise to us, she also managed that beautifully.  On April 4, 2020, at 34 weeks gestation with her daughter by her side, she gave birth to a super healthy baby boy weighing 5 lbs!!  He was sure to be over  8 lbs if we had gone to term!  

Look for Annette’s story in the coming weeks as she shares her pregnancy adventures during COVID-19.

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