Melissa Visits Spain – and her Couple!

My family and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Spain for our first family trip. It combined bucket list items: sightseeing and visiting our IP’s in their home town. The beauty of Spain is far greater than any picture can convey, and the overwhelmingly kind nature of the locals made returning home that much harder. From the Palace in Madrid to Barcelona, and down to Cordoba, the trip was awesome.

After exploring Madrid and the sites, we took a high-speed train to Barcelona to watch MotoGP at Catalunya. Although the trip to Barcelona was short, we explored the Gothic quarters and at the race, we were able to walk to the starting grid to watch the awards with 93,000 other fans. The trip concluded in Cordoba, where we got to see our amazing IP’s and were honored to meet their fantastically brilliant, kind and beautiful family. We spent a day in Cordoba as tourists, a relaxing day in the countryside with the most delicious paella, and ended the weekend with a fun family meal. Being able to see, first-hand, the rhythmic dance my IPs had in caring for their little lady and the joy she gave them was perfect. They are pros, so happy, and so natural at parenting. She brought such happiness to not only her parents but their families as well. She is a lucky girl to have such a loving family. My son and I cried as we said our goodbyes, but knowing that we would be back to explore more of the amazing country, and to visit our Spanish family again in the future made saying goodbye slightly easier.