Who Are Our Intended Parents?

One question we are faced with time and time again is “Who are your IPs and why do they choose surrogacy?” While there is no simple answer, we can assure you that we are a need-based agency. What does that mean? It means that infertility knows no discrimination and our intended parents come from all over the world and from various demographics. 1 in 6 couples is affected by this disease. Whether their fertility has been taken from them by illness, decided for them at birth, or is the result of a tragedy, they have all been left in need of our help. We have had our hearts broken time and time again by the stories and struggles of our intended parents. Where once these couples would have to resign themselves to a life without biological children, now, thanks to scientific advancements and the generosity of our surrogate mothers, a dream that was once unimaginable can be achieved. In short, our intended parents are everyday people that for reasons beyond their control, truly need the help of our agency and our surrogates to build their family.