Is Surrogacy for You?

You’ve stumbled upon surrogacy and you’re intrigued. But how do you know if being a surrogate mother is right for you? We’ve come up with a short checklist of qualifications to become a surrogate mother.

Is your family complete? To be a surrogate, you must be finished creating your own family. That is not to say that you can never change your mind, as many surrogates go on to have more children for their own families. But, you should be confident that if you were to unexpectedly lose your fertility after a surrogate journey your family would not suffer.

Have your own pregnancies been healthy and uncomplicated? You will need to pass a medical clearance with the reproductive endocrinologists who will facilitate your pregnancy. The first requirement is that you have delivered one or more of your own children. Secondly, all pregnancies must be uncomplicated and healthy. You must also be a non-smoker, between the ages of 21 and 40 years old with an appropriate BMI.

You’re healthy and ready to go, now what? Surrogacy is a personal journey that you should feel strongly about. Does the thought of helping build a family fill you with pride? Do you want to share the joys of parenthood with someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience it? If you’re shouting ‘YES,’ you are the type of woman we’d love to meet! But also consider this, do you have the support of your spouse, family, and friends? Each surrogate mothers’ journey is unique as with all new experiences and it is important to have a strong support system in place. Not only to cheer you on but to help you in the event of mandatory bed rest or to watch your child(ren) during delivery.

Considering to be a surrogate, even if it ends up not being right for your family or medically feasible is a true testament to your character. Every mother who wants to share that joy with another family is a special person to be valued. If you think that this journey is something you’d like to explore, please take a moment to submit an inquiry below. A member of our friendly team will be in contact and available to answer any further questions or concerns you may have.

I Want to be a Surrogate Mother