Infertility Uncovered – Shannon’s Story

Our story starts off similar to a typical love story. We met, fell in love, had a beautiful wedding, bought a house, and started planning our family. It wasn’t too long before we realized “trying” for a family wasn’t going according to plan.

We soon found ourselves in a Fertility Clinic. We were so young at the time so naturally, our concerns were becoming more stressful. We spent three years as the youngest patients at the clinic. Finally, after many years, we were pregnant with our first baby! The feeling was indescribable. Amazing enough, my pregnancy was “textbook” so naturally, we tried again! We were blessed with the two amazing kids we were meant to have. Finally, a family of four!

When my daughter was about a year old I told my husband I was interested in becoming a surrogate. I called our Clinic, and spoke directly with my Fertility Dr. to ask who she recommended. Immediately, she said: “Carol Weathers with Building Families”. I made a phone call to Carol and my Surrogacy Journey began! Fast forward and I can proudly say I am a successful 3-time surrogate. All three experiences were different. Each of them was special in their own way. I always say, “ the birth of my surrogate babies, along with my own kids, is the greatest thing I have ever done.” Every year on their birthdays my heart swells with love and pride as I know I’ve given these families the greatest gift in the world.

I loved my Surrogacy’s so much I knew I wanted to stay connected to BFI in some way if possible. Carol was gracious enough to offer me a position as Case Manager in her company. I have loved every moment of being a part of her company. She provides a family feel throughout the company and there is truly nobody out there who does it better. The personal relationships she strives for are unmatched in the industry. I’m proud of my time as Building Families Team member and surrogate. I am grateful for the journey that has brought me here and can’t wait to see all of the beautiful families we are able to help create in the future.