Genette’s Birth Story

Starbucks Run $25
Hospital Co-Pay?  $50
Time to get to hospital? 1 hour
7lb 14oz Precious Cargo?  Priceless!

Thanks to Genette, I think we have the content for the next MasterCard commercial!  

Genette’s labor & delivery was definitely like an episode from your favorite TV show!  When it seemed no more progress would be made and alternatives were being discussed to deliver the baby girl, Genette decided otherwise.  As she was entering the OR, she told the nurse she needed to push.  Everyone thought it was impossible as she was only dilated to 6 cm moments before, but the doctor knowing Genette decided to heed her word.  She immediately put on her gloves, checked her and delivered her all in a matter of minutes.  This sweet baby girl made her entrance on July 19, 2017 at 10:10pm!!