Jessica’s Surrogacy Story

Jessica came to BFI’s door in late 2012. Yes, that’s right, more than 4 years ago. She told us that after seeing her aunt & uncle go through infertility and never achieving the family they dreamed of she knew that one day she would become a Surrogate Mother. Her words were, “It is not just that I can do it, it is more like how could I not do this?!”

Well, Jess’s commitment to see her dream of helping a Couple realize their hope of becoming parents was tested time after time. But her drive didn’t diminish, in fact, you could say her drive turned into determination. And it paid off….Finally!!

Just as she deserved, she helped a Couple who truly appreciated her, Mike and their kids Cameryn, Mikey & Kyndall. With a due date of early January, Jessica’s only concern was delivering on Christmas Day. But her luck held out and in the wee hours of December 30, 2016 her labor began. She called her Couple who were staying in Los Angeles and told them to get on the road as soon as possible as the traffic would only get worse as each hour passed.

As Jessica neared the time to deliver, she worried they wouldn’t make it. This delivery was going faster than any of her own kids, so she was certain they would be late. Then suddenly a helicopter could be heard approaching the hospital and to their surprise it was her Couple!! They arrived just as Jessica started pushing and were there for the birth of their son who weighed in at a perfect 7lb 7oz!!

What an exciting ending to this amazing story of strength, determination and love.