Michelle’s Surrogacy Story

So many lives were changed forever on July 14, 2016, thanks to Michelle.  This case is a perfect example of how many more people are involved and are truly affected besides the Surrogate Mother.  The typical group would include Michelle, her hubby Mike and their kids.  But, it didn’t stop there.  Their friends, their friend’s parents, the other family members and neighbors near and far, the list is endless, all paid their respects to her selfless act via text, phone, visits and of course, social media.  It is awe inspiring the type of support and love they received from so many directions.  It is a testament to who Michelle is.  


So, July 14 will be remembered by many, but by none like the new parents of the gorgeous guy who was born in Ridgecrest.  Congrats on making a difference in so many lives, Michelle.