Grandparenthood Revisited!

Hello All,

John and I are once again Grandparents!!  Our son and his wife, Johnny & Kim, had a baby boy on August 2, 2015 and they named him Hunter.

As we all know, things don’t always go how we would like or plan.  Unfortunately, Hunter required surgery within a day after his birth.  He is recovering and the doctors are pleased with the surgical outcome.  It is only time that is needed now for his healing.

We are lending them our support and love.  This means that I am not as easily available as I normally am.  I am working, but limited hours during this time.  I anticipate that I will be back to regular schedule within two weeks.  I am checking emails, but not able to take many calls as I am practically residing in the NICU.  If you require immediate attention, please call Shannon Breckner at (949) 434-3613 or if you need to speak with me directly please leave a message on our office line at (949) 588-6015 and Alexa will be able to reach me.  Or you can always email me.

Your patience is greatly appreciated and your prayers would be very welcomed!



2015.08.03 - Hunter (1) 2015.08.02 - Hunter (2)