Marlene’s Surrogacy Story


Marlene has surprised us with her ability to see the bright side of everything.  She smiled all through her hospital bedrest and subsequent bedrest at home.  She kept saying that it was for a good cause.  Her amazing family were so supportive.  Truly there was a village helping bring this baby safely into the world.  Upon reaching 36 weeks of pregnancy, Dr. Stanco decided it was time for this baby to be born.  Mind you, that is one month early and the baby weighed 7lb 8oz!!!!


As most of you know, Marlene’s Couple did not want to know the sex of their baby until the birth.  So, I have to admit that although I complained more than once during the pregnancy that I wanted to know already, it was exciting and fun waiting for that moment of knowing what we got!!  So, no more waiting….It’s a Girl!!!   Congratulations Marlene and thank you, thank you for all of your efforts.  This little princess is here and doing so well because of your dedication.