Erica’s Surrogacy Story

Just getting home and settled after Marlene’s delivery in San Diego, I receive a text from Erica that reads, “Hey, how are you? Heading to the hospital because I think I’m in labor.”  “Ummmm, What?!” is my response.  LOL, well she was indeed in labor and when I say it was a labor and delivery made for TV, it is not even close to an exaggeration.  She literally pushed once, it may have been just a half push and the cutest baby girl arrived….before the doctor!  That’s right, Dr. Andersen walks in about 2 minutes later and has a very surprised look on his face.  One that matched the rest of our faces for sure!!  It was an unbelievable amazing experience. The early evening of April 24, 2015 marked the end of Erica’s surrogacy journey when she delivered a healthy baby girl weighing 7lb 4oz.  Congratulations Erica!!