Alma’s Surrogacy Story

Three weeks before Alma’s due date, August 14, 2013, we were once again reminded that a baby’s birthday cannot actually be predicted!  Alma calls to say she is heading to the hospital as today is the day.  We wake up her Couple with our call, as the time difference is significant, so they can prepare themselves and 3 children for a long flight.  Breann, very pregnant herself, runs in to the hospital (actually she walks as quickly as she can) desperately tries to get to Labor & Delivery in time for the birth only to be accosted first by security demanding she sign in and then their misunderstanding that she was not the one in labor!  She walked into Alma’s room, greeted Alma’s family including her mother who was so excited to share in this moment.  Breann then took out her camera and then the next moment, the cutest baby boy arrived weighing a perfect 5lbs 9oz.  Whew!  Thanks for waiting Alma!!!  Then later, in the middle of the night, she was able to introduce the Couple and their children to the newest member of their family!!  Congratulations Alma on a job well done!!