The Story of Baby D

The Story of Baby D

My Last and Final Surrogacy

After two of my own children and then carrying two more pregnancies for a wonderful Couple, I was sure I was done with this mission in life. I had even been quoted as saying that I was retired. So what changed?

My job at Building Families, Inc. is to find appropriate Surrogate Mothers to help our Incredible Couples have the family they so richly deserve. Carol and I meet weekly to discuss the needs of the Program as well discussing the potential candidates coming in to the Program. This has been our routine for many, many years. So in 2009, as per our usual weekly meeting, Carol mentioned there a Couple but the Surrogate Mom needed to have specific qualities. We went over them and I told her I would see who may be a good candidate.

That night I was in bed mentally pouring over all of the candidates that were in process. Not one stuck out for me. My husband, Jermaine, asked me what had me in such deep thought. I gave him the Couple’s background and then described the qualities in a Surrogate Mother that Carol and I discussed were needed for this Couple. He replied quietly, “I don’t really know why you don’t see it.” I said, “See what????” with a very confused expression on my face. He said, “You are all of those things that would make the best Surrogate Mom for this Couple.” I laughed and told him he was crazy. I was in retirement, I reminded him.

But then I couldn’t sleep. I was laying there thinking…..Is he right? Am I the right Surrogate for this Couple? It had been five years since I was last pregnant and I was adamant about being done with this part of my life. Not that I didn’t enjoy my 4 pregnancies and the outcome they produced, of course! But, I had closed that chapter and couldn’t reopen that book. Or could I?

And so I called Carol and asked her if she was sitting down. She replied, “Why?” I laughed and said, “I know who should be their Surrogate Mom. Me!” You can only imagine the surprise from her end of the phone. “What? Who? What? Are you kidding?” was all she could manage at first. But finally it turned into “Okay, let’s do this.”

That was more than 3 years ago, but seems like yesterday. I will forever be grateful to my husband for having such clarity when I did not. I would have missed out on an amazing journey with my Special Couple that continues to this day.

And now, I am retired…for sure this time! – Tracy