Why Did I Decide to Become a Surrogate Mom?

Why Did I Decide to Become a Surrogate Mom

Why did I decide to become a Surrogate Mom?  Every day I could probably give you a different answer as I have helped two special Couples have their family and have fond experiences of both journeys.  But the original reason I was prompted to call Building Families is due to my own family dynamic.  You see, I am the proud mom to two boys.  One came to us the old fashion way arriving after 9 months of pregnancy as a perfect newborn baby boy.  We named him Aiden.  My other son came to me in the form of adoption.  His name is Benjamin.  I knew that a woman could have a child given to her and she could form the same bond as every other mother – son has.  I knew this because I had this with both of my boys.

When I explained to Benjamin, when he was only 5 years old, that I wanted to be a Surrogate Mom to help a mommy have what we have, he was so happy.  He amazed me by saying he completely understood because that is how he came to me.  He said he was carried by another woman but came to live with us so I could be his mommy.  He said he was “surrogated” into my life.  I took a moment to examine his point of view and found it was based in truth.  It was the love I had for him that prompted me to help build a family…or two!  – Randi