Keyly’s Surrogacy Story

Another flawless twin pregnancy!  Keyly was nearing the end of her pregnancy as she scheduled her C-Section and made plans for the impending birth.  The new parents-to-be and one set of grandparents-to-be arrived and got settled to await that wonderful day.But one night, days before the scheduled event, Keyly called to say she is going to stop by the hospital for monitoring because she “may” be in labor.  Well, sure enough she was!  So, on July 20, 2013 in the wee hours, two beautiful and healthy babies were born.  Keyly gave her Couple the gift of parenthood and she also gave a precious gift to the children. She provided the sweet girl with a brother to protect her always and to the beautiful baby boy she gifted him with a sister who will be his friend for his entire life.  Keyly, you are truly a gem and are loved by so many for your efforts in helping this family and the one before as well.