Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

I am always looking for affordable things to do with my kids during the summertime.  Here is my personal list of the top 5 things to help you combat boredom during the summer (for little or no cost):

1. Regal Summer Movie Express – Most Regal theatres play children’s movies for $1 each person on weekday mornings. There are a couple of movies each week to choose from in most theatres.  Click on this link to find one near you:

2. Students Bowl Free – This program allows kids up to age 18 bowl one game for free each day of the summer at participating bowling alleys.  Sign up online at

3.  Bass Pro Shops – They have free activities for families all summer long.  You can learn how to fish, set up a tent, or lots of other fun outdoor tasks.   Check with your local store for details.

4.  Build a Fort – I don’t know why but every kid (big and small) loves a fort.  Use blankets, furniture, and sheets to turn your living room into a personal kids fort.  And don’t worry about the mess…leave it up for a few days.  Let the kids sleep in it, eat in it, etc.  They’ll love it.

5.  Camp in Your Own Living Room – Set up a tent right in your own living room.  If you don’t have your own tent, borrow one from a friend or neighbor.  Set it up just like you were on a camping trip.  Tell bedtime stories, sleep in sleeping bags, use a lantern (electric, of course) to get that full camping feeling.

Those are my summer fun activities.  What are yours?