The Surrogate’s Husband/Partner

The Surrogate's Husband

I am often asked “What did your husband think of it? Was he supportive?” I have to admit, when I first approached the idea of being a surrogate mom with my husband, he was not sure what to think.  He didn’t really understand why I would put myself through the difficulties and risks of pregnancy for someone else.  While I recall that I was a perfectly lovely pregnant woman when I carried our two children, his recollection differed a bit…lol!  Even though he did not understand, he knew how I could be when I felt strongly about something so he agreed to be there for me and support me through the process.

When I was pregnant, he was awesome…helping out with our kids in ways he hadn’t before, picking up the slack when I was tired or not feeling well.  Basically he always made sure I was well taken care of.  Although I know he formed a great friendship with our Couple, I could tell he still didn’t fully understand why I wanted to be a Surrogate Mom.

Then it came time for my first surrogacy delivery and he was right there with me in the delivery room along with the baby’s parents.  After their son was born and my husband saw the Intended Mother holding her son for the first time, tears streaming down her face, he walked over to my bedside and whispered into my ear “I totally get it now.  This is amazing!”  In fact, my husband was so supportive that we helped this same Couple have another son and eventually we helped a second Couple have the family they always dreamed of having.

If you are thinking about becoming a Surrogate Mother but your husband/partner isn’t quite sure about it, share my story.  It just might be what he needs to hear to get him on board with your desire to help someone less fortunate than you are! – Tracy