A Mother Tells Her Daughter How She Came to Be

Nancy with Surro Baby

Hi Nancy,
Hope you and all the boys are well!! Today we were driving home in the car and we went through the story of you keeping her in your belly for me! She was quite excited and said she remembered the experience. I asked her how and she said she remembered tickling you when she was inside. We laughed and were so pleased she was excited about how she came to be.

I’m sooo in love with her. She is the best daughter, sister and friend! She is the most loved child in her class, not just by all her peers, but the mums too! I can’t tell you how many friends tell me she would be perfect for their sons! Well, all I have to say is ‘get in line’!! Anyway, thanks again for this great gift you have given us!

Much Love,

Gail x