Building Families, Inc – 100% Success Rate in Couples Taking Their Babies Home

As of January 2013, Building Families would like to announce that all of it’s Couples who have successfully had children through the program have had a 100% Success rate in taking their babies home to their respective countries.

This is a VERY important fact. This is the last thing that Couples should have to worry about. Building Families’ process educates the Couple about how to receive the paperwork they will need to successfully acquire critical paperwork necessary to leave the country. Couples can rest assured that they can pursue the Surrogacy journey without doubts about taking their baby home.

We’ve heard stories about how so many Couples have spent months in foreign countries trying to find ways to go home with their baby. We’ve heard about how much money was spent “greasing the wheels” to get paperwork through the system to get things done.

All of the legal paperwork that’s done and all the processes done by the agency ensure that there is a “chain” of events that are legally documented to show other countries that the child was not stolen or bought. Our process and the surrogacy legal experts we work with ensures that the arrangement was done in an appropriate manner and with the best interests of the child, his parents and the Surrogate Mother and her family.

The emotional and monetary risks by pursuing surrogacy in another country are extreme. You must weigh these risks against the savings you get… is it really worth it?