Is Being a Surrogate Mother Easy?

We asked two of our Surrogate Moms this question and this is what they had to say:

It’s certainly not for the weak of heart, but Building Families makes the process soooo easy and painless! Thankfully I have pretty easy pregnancies (knock on wood!), so that really helps. Being a Surrogate Mom is such a humbling experience though and has really made me appreciate my own kids even more.  A lot people are under the impression that it would be hard to “give away” a baby that’s been growing inside of you.  However, I believe that you’re not giving anything away – you’re just giving it back!   With the constant contact and support from the Intended Parents and Building Families it is easy to remember that this is the Couple’s baby, not yours.  – Jennifer E.


I would definitely not say that being a Surrogate Mom is easy, but I would say that it is worth it.  Even on the most difficult day, I only think about what I am doing for my Couple and the blessings they will soon receive.  When I keep them in mind, I know I can handle anything.  – Shannon S.