A Case Manager

A Case Manager is dedicated to their cause. They are on call 24/7/365, doing everything from taking phone calls in the middle of the night, to traveling to distant hospitals for deliveries, to communicating with all types of professionals who ask for everything and want it yesterday. They are good listeners, coaches, photographers, and even act as taxi drivers at times. Their communication skills surpass the average and rival the experts in using SMS, Skype, e-mail, facetime, Facebook, Twitter….. the list is endless. What else do we know about these special people? They genuinely care about the Surrogate Mother, her family, the new parents and the baby that is wanted beyond measure. How else can you explain their dedication?

Although so much credit should be given to them, their families should be applauded as well. I know from experience, that you cannot make this kind of commitment to the world of surrogacy without the support and understanding of one’s spouse and children. And when you are fortunate, as I have been, you not only have their support and understanding, but they too become emotionally invested in the cause.

I especially want to give praise to the best Case Manager currently working in the industry, Breann Piccini. No, I am not just saying that because she works for me. It is a true statement and I am sure that many of you who read this will wholeheartedly agree.

Everyone who reads this, Building Families’ Surrogate Moms and all others, take a moment to thank your Case Manager for all of their hard work and dedication. They truly deserve it. – Carol Weathers