I Made a New Friend Today

I made a new friend today. Well, I guess we have been “friends” for a long while, but considering she is a little less than 2 years old now, she doesn’t remember when we first met.

She walked into Starbucks and we immediately made eye contact. She moved behind her mom’s skirt and looked up at her parents wondering why tears had filled their eyes. Why was this woman making my mom cry? I was sure that was one of many questions she had running through her mind. Her Dad said to me, “Give her 5 minutes and she will be your friend.” I am pleased to say that it was less than 5 minutes and she was in my lap giving me kisses and speaking to me in a language that I suspect only other toddlers know. But, this time with her brought me so much joy.

Her parents and I spoke about the journey that brought her in to this world with the help of their wonderful Surrogate Mother, Amber. It seemed like it was only yesterday that they were waiting for her arrival. After our nice visit, we went to see Dr. Cassidenti about bringing a brother or sister into this little girl’s life. And with the help of their new Surrogate Mother, Jennifer, who is an absolute gem, we hope to have good news for this little family in the coming weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!