Big Checks Went Out Today!

A special thank you to our former Surrogate Moms who referred their wonderful friends to become a part of our Surrogacy Family!   Today was a bonus payday as 4 checks went out!!!

Keep your referrals coming ladies!!!!!!

You know what we are looking for as you have been doing a stellar job in referring incredible women to our Program.  Thank you, also, for your continued support and confidence in Building Families.  Here is a reminder of the referral program:

Want to earn extra money? Just refer your friends, neighbors and anyone else you think would be a good Surrogate Mom candidate. Once they pass Dr. Rad’s evaluation, we will mail you a check. Your first referral will earn you $200. Your second referral pays more; $250. And, that’s right, the third referral is $300!!

We are always in need of qualified Surrogate Mothers and who better to help us then our own Surrogate Mothers, past & present.

Here is the link to the online inquiry form, just in case you want to help her (or them!) get started:

Tell your Surrogate Mom referral to reference your name on the online inquiry form by clicking on “A Friend Referred Me” and then list your name in the box. And be sure we have your current information so we can send you that check!

If you have any questions about someone’s eligibility, please e-mail me, Tracy or Breann anytime at: