Jennifer’s Surrogacy Story

True Love!

Jennifer surprised us all by going in to labor on August 26, 2011, 6 days before her Couple were due to arrive.  It was no problem for these new parents to catch the next flight, however they had to travel internationally so it would still be a day before they would arrive.  Jennifer waited with much anticipation for their arrival to the hospital as she wanted to introduce them to their new babies.  They finally arrived and after the Couple were satisfied that Jennifer was ok and came through the surgery well, she and Danny walked them to the nursery.  Jennifer stood back as she wanted to view the whole scene and it was like a beautiful movie.  Dad quickly picked up his son and Mom picked up her daughter and they had this look that could only be described as true love at first sight.  We all got goosebumps and became teary eyed as she described the events.  It was such a beautiful moment and definitely the highlight for her.  Awwwww!  These cutie pies came into the world weighing 5.12lbs and 4.9lbs.  Great Job Jen!!!!!