Brandi’s Surrogacy Story

Brandi delivered on May 25, 2011 bringing a beautiful baby girl to her awaiting parent’s arms. She was a big girl too, weighing a whopping 8lb 10oz!!

My Surrogacy Journey

By Brandi Lippincott

Carol asked me to share my Surrogacy Journey with the readers of Building Families website. I was happy to do this as my experience as a Surrogate Mother was truly amazing. It affected my entire family! You may have read the letter from my Dad on Carol’s Blog. If not, check it out!

My goal was similar to every other Surrogate Mother, I imagine. I wanted to help a Couple have a child so they could experience the same joy that I get every day with my children. I had no idea it would be so much more. Literally, from the moment I met my Couple, we had an instant connection. The bond was incredible especially considering they didn’t speak English and my Spanish, well, let’s just say it was not great.

In June of last year, we had our embryo transfer. It wasn’t successful. Although we were all terribly sad, they didn’t hesitate to move forward for another attempt. While we waited for our next try, we continued to communicate via e-mail and Skype. I even met their parents on Skype! Her mother explained how she was only able to have her Daughter but wanted more children. She understood on a special level what her own child was experiencing. Then one day when we were visiting on Skype, she announced that I was now her other “Daughter” and my 3 children were now her Grandchildren. We all cried! It was obvious our relationship had evolved into something more than a surrogacy arrangement or even a friendship, we had become family.

My second embryo transfer was in September and it was a success! We were pregnant!! Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time for them to come to California to await the birth of their Daughter. We spent every day together awaiting her arrival. They attended some doctor visits and when they heard their baby’s heartbeat, tears streamed down their faces. I remember thinking, “This is what Surrogacy is all about.”

At least once a day, they thanked me for all I was doing. Then one day, I thanked them back. They were surprised by my response, but I explained to them that they have brought so much to my life too; And to my children and the rest of my family’s lives too. This journey is one that we have all been on and they made it special for all of us by allowing us to share so much with them. The final moment of the journey came on May 25th when their baby girl arrived. The hospital room was full. My mom, my fiancée, my daughter, Breann and of course the expectant parents were all there. The moment I saw the baby in their arms, I knew my job was done and everything I went through to make this happen for them was well worth it.

Although the Surrogacy Journey has ended, our relationship continues. The idea of this little girl brought us all together initially. But it is the love that was shared in that year we were together that will bond us forever. We look forward to watching her grow into the person she is meant to be. May 25th may be the date that the Surrogacy Journey ended, but it is really just a bookmark in many, many chapters to come.