Where are your Surrogate Mothers from?

Where are your Surrogate Mothers from?

Carol Weathers:
They are actually all from Southern California.

And how do you select a Surrogate Mother?

The fact that they are local helps us be really involved and have personal contact during the application process. Besides the obvious height-weight range and health and excellent pregnancy history, we also conduct an in-home study and visit with her and her husband and kids. We want to see that she’s living in a good environment.

We feel that we are walking in as the intended parents and how would we feel if our baby is growing here.

If all that goes well we send her and her husband on to the psychologist. If she is qualified she will be recommended for the program and be available for matching at that time.

Do you meet with all the Surrogate Mothers yourself?

Myself or my staff but I do meet with everyone before they come into the program.