Sara’s Surrogacy Story

Surrogacy Saves a Mother’s Life

March 7, 2011 marked the end of Sara’s Couple’s journey to parenthood.  It was a day we celebrated for many reasons.  The obvious reason was the celebration of their twins’ births as they now had a baby boy and a baby girl to share their lives with; children to teach and bring up with their families’ values and beliefs.  This was a dream they had when they came to us and it seemed easy enough since the Intended Mom was so young.  She had the misfortune of being born without a uterus (Rokitansky Syndrome) but this in itself should not have prevented her from creating embryos with her husband. To the fertility doctor’s surprise, her response to the medication was poor.  It was unexplained.  I’m sure many have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, so you understand the frustration and desperation that came over this Couple.  They were determined to get an explanation and began their trek to seek answers.  Knowing that this could take months if not years, I approached Sara to give her the option to move on to another Couple who were ready to proceed.  She didn’t even hesitate when she gave me her answer. She declared her commitment to her Couple explaining to me that she felt she was meant to be with them, so she couldn’t abandon them.

In the coming months, tests were run and medication was dispensed all in efforts of improving the Intended Mom’s response.  Nothing worked.  I asked Sara again if she was sure she wanted to wait.  She saw gals come and go in Group so I could only imagine she was getting frustrated.  Her commitment never wavered. She assured me she was fine and wanted to continue waiting.  Then finally, a doctor suggested an MRI.  There wasn’t an indication for it necessarily, but at this rate, they were running out of options.  A tumor was detected.  She had no symptoms that are typically related with this type of tumor and she was so fortunate it was found at this stage.  Not only did this explain her poor response to the fertility meds, but detecting it at this stage saved her life!  It was something that was treatable and after several more months she was deemed healthy and able to proceed with building her family!  All the while, Sara and her family were by their sides cheering them on to success.

I met this special Couple on March 8, 2008 and three years later, almost to the day, Sara succeeded in completing her mission of becoming a Surrogate Mother and made the dreams of her Couple come true when she delivered a beautiful baby girl weighing 5lb 1oz and a baby boy weighing 5lb 5oz.