Keeping the Faith

I just said goodbye to the latest addition to the Building Families family. Little Luke is on his way home with his parents to start their new lives together. Every time we get to this point, I reflect on our journey. We reminisce about the fun times and we recall the difficult ones. This Couple decided 5 years ago that they would join Building Families. The first two years were spent doing all things necessary to join the program and then the trials began. They had 3 Surrogate Mothers before their dream would be realized. This is so unusual as most of you know. It isn’t supposed to be that hard once you reach us. But for some Couples it is. I am a woman of faith so I believe in the bigger plan. In my 20 years I have learned to pray for the wisdom and strength to help everyone through whatever is to come. Sometimes the reasons are revealed but other times we never know why it didn’t work or why there was so much difficulty. I remember a young potential Surrogate Mom applying to the Program. She was referred by another Surrogate Mom in the Program so I knew she would be great. She hadn’t had her annual physical exam done in years, so I told her it would need to be done before we could proceed. It is a routine exam, so what could happen with someone so young? Well, long story short, she was eventually diagnosed with cervical cancer and at less than 25 years of age she had to have a hysterectomy! We talked about it and she wouldn’t have gone to the doctor when she did if we hadn’t required it. She would have eventually, of course, but by then it may have been too late. You look at this and think how her wanting to be a Surrogate Mom actually saved her life. I told her friend, our Surrogate Mom, that there was a reason that she approached her to become a Surrogate Mother, just not the reason she thought. Which leads us back to little Luke. We may never know why his arrival was delayed for years, but he is here now and his new parents are extremely grateful. I can only imagine that there were times when they questioned if they should quit this journey, but somehow they managed to gather the strength to continue. And of course, we are all so happy they did!!