The Gift of Surrogacy

We celebrate the births of more healthy babies that have been brought to the arms of their parents. What can we glean from these successful gifts of surrogacy?

The observations thus far reflect a genuine devotion “from start to finish” on the part of our surrogates and a nurturing environment promoted by both the couple and the Building Families team. While each and every surrogate is unique, some consistent threads can be found. Our surrogates have successfully grappled with the ambiguity of the task from the initial evaluations for entering the program to preparing their bodies, hearts, and families for the conception. They work through this process always towards the final goal of delivering the gift of a child to their eagerly awaiting couple. As I reflect on these memorable events, I remain in awe of the terrific capacity of these women to give love through the emotional complexity that can describe most of our lives. We are fortunate, indeed, to have surrogates who believe in and desire to not only help build families, but share with her couple the joys of pregnancy, the excitement of the birth and all along allowing the Building Families team to assist and support her.

Of course, this can be difficult since most, if not all, of our surrogates are independent and self sufficient by nature. There is a trust level that develops and grows between each and everyone and ultimately leads us to a successful surrogacy experience.

Vesna Radojevic, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who directs the psychology component of Building Families, Inc.
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