Sheena’s Surrogacy Story

Proud Announcement

The new parents sent out a beautiful e-mail to all of their loved ones along with some great pictures of their little Tommy. I want to share it here with you:

We proudly announce the arrival of our new little miracle, Thomas Romeo, born Tuesday April 27, 2010 at 12:20PM weighing 7lbs 2oz and 19 inches long. In his Mom and Dad’s eyes he is absolutely perfect in each and every way. Sheena did an incredible job taking care of our little guy during the last nine months and was truly amazing during the delivery.

Everyone is home safe and sound after what has been the journey of a lifetime, one that we will treasure forever. We thank you all for your endless love, support and most importantly, all of your prayers. We are truly blessed.

Our biggest thank you goes out to our dearest Sheena and her wonderful family for helping us make all of our dreams come true. It’s tough to express how we are feeling right now, but put it this way, saying we are on top of the world doesn’t even come close.

Lots of love, T, R, Thomas and of course Bentley