February? Where did January go?

It is hard to believe we are already well into February.  I vaguely remember the year starting and making some new year’s resolutions.  One was to write in my blog every week.  I am pretty much fulfilling that one.  I will need to find my notes to see what else I pledged for this year and hopefully I am staying true!

February is a big month for us.  We have several babies due.  Amanda jumped the gun and delivered on January 26th.  No problem because *Melissa arrived safe and sound and only spent one day in the hospital.  Yeah Amanda!!  Michele is arriving to the hospital at this moment.  Her nervous but excited Couple are there with her.  Of course, Brian and Breann are there, too!  I can’t wait to hear all the news about Hugo’s arrival later today.

I wonder who will be next.  Tracy or Cassandra?  Megan is sure to finish out our month for us.

Stay tuned for the weekly update!