Spain Trip Part 1

Hello Everyone, I have been in Spain since late February enjoying the sites but mostly enjoying the many families I have seen.  It is a dream that I seem to be living and I love it!!  I saw Francisco & Hugo in the first few days.  You’ll see pictures of them.  Then  I saw Jorge, Marta and her little brothers. Alejandro & Alvaro and I met some excited kids that were anxiously awaiting the birth of their new brother or sister.  I met extended family too at several big reunions.  It was neat to see how the children were ready to speak English with me.  Jon Peter (Francisco’s cousin) was especially proud and you’ll see a picture of him and his new American friend (me of course!).

My trip to Madrid has confirmed the necessity of my traveling here to meet the Couples face to face so we can determine that my program is the right one for them.  It also helps me a great deal in the matching.  It is amazing how I can be sitting with them and a particular Surrogate Mom may come to my mind.

I’m off to Barcelona tomorrow and will update more after that trip.  In the meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

God Bless,