Beth’s Surrogacy Story


I am writing this story on the day Beth delivered. I was unable to attend this momentous occasion, but I must say that my thoughts were with her most if not all of today.

Not often do I have time to reflect on a Surrogate Mom’s journey, but today as I sat in airports and airplanes making my way home, this is exactly what I was able to do. I titled this story “Grace” as it describes Beth perfectly to me. Some think of Grace in terms of beauty or poise. Although Beth does possess these things, this is not what I was referring to. I guess you can say it is a matter of style for her. She makes life easier for all of those around her. Beth’s concern was always for the Intended Parents. She wanted so much to give them the child they so desperately wanted. And she welcomed them to experience the pregnancy as much as possible.

Although there are no words that her Couple could ever say to express the gratitude they most certainly have in their hearts for everything Beth has done, I expect that the look on their faces when they saw their son for the first time will be the expression that Beth carries with her forever. For all Surrogate Mom’s, it is at that moment that their own desires, the very reason that they called me, are fulfilled.

Congratulations Beth and thank you for handling every step so gracefully!! August 16, 2007 marks the day that Paul Vincent was born weighing 7lb 9oz changing the lives of his parents and of Beth’s forever.